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ORIT WOLF on a Musical Journey Around the World

Award winning pianist and speaker, Orit Wolf invites audiences to enjoy her new concert series, On A Personal Note; Evening Journeys with Orit Wolf at gorgeous Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The series of 5 concerts scheduled for Tuesday evenings, 8pm, will last 80 minutes and include conversation in Hebrew and some English (no intermission).  Subscribers and concert goers can enjoy a variety of elegant food and beverage establishments and free entrance to the monthly museum exhibits before each concert.

Join Orit on her journey through The Music of the Jewish Streets, Russian Love: Tchaikovsky, From Yizrael Valley to Stockholm, Tel Aviv — Tehran, and The Piano Quintets of the Romantics. See below for the full schedule and program details.

Tickets on sale via the Tel Aviv Museum of Art (03-607-7070 - or Please note the museum office hours of Sunday through Thursday, 08:00 – 16:00.



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